Hi! My name is Vera Golubeva and I'm a photographer who loves people :)
Actually, I'm sure that any person deserves a good portrait. I think that everyone needs an individual treatment, so I pay attention to personal wishes and features. 
I have over 10 years of people photography experience, have tried many ways of making portraits and realised that there's nothing more beautiful than a real person.
That's why I love lively emotional photos without hard posing and with maximum natural vibe. No one is perfect and that's what makes us really awesome.
How it usually goes:
We meet in advance to get to know each other, get to know each other a little, discuss all the details - location, date, clothes - and just talk. After such a meeting, you will feel better during the photoshoot, because we are no longer strangers.
Shooting lasts 2-3 hours; it is a calm process filled with talks and emotions, giving you the opportunity to relax and have fun.
After shooting, you will receive 100 or more photos, all postprocessed. It takes 2-4 weeks depending on my workload and other factors (anyway, I do my best to make them quickly, but I appreciate your patience).
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